Greystanes Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was established to improve the overall health and well being of the local community.

We provide a comprehensive approach to treatment including individualised consultations to assess and diagnose your condition and provide the best evidence based Physiotherapy treatment tailored to your individual needs.

Our Physio Story

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Physio Services

Physiotherapy services include a comprehensive physical assessment examination, education about your clinical diagnosis, and a physiotherapy management plan, developed to assist you achieve the best possible outcomes in the quickest possible time frames.

Our 1 on 1 consultations will include an extensive assessment of your injury/condition, 'hands on' treatment approach to facilitate your recovery including soft tissue massage, manual therapy, and an individualised home exercise program to appropriately rehabilitation your injury/condition.

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Injuries and Conditions

Common injuries and conditions treated at Greystanes Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic include:



Chronic pain

Pre and post operative rehabilitation

Work related injuries and third party claims

Foot: achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis

Ankle: ATFL rupture, ankle reconstruction

Knee: ACL reconstruction, MCL sprain, meniscus injury

Thigh: hamstring strain, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, rectus femoris proximal tendon rupture

Hip: femoracetabular impingement, labral tear

Pelvis: osteitis pubis

Lower back: spondylolisthesis, lumbar disc bulge, lumbar nerve root compression

Mid back: costovertebral joint stiffness

Shoulder: supraspinatus tendinopathy, adhesive capsulitis

Elbow: lateral epicondyalgia

(tennis elbow)

Wrist: scapholunate osteoarthritis

Hand: metacarpal fracture

Neck: cervical radicuolpathy

Head: concussion, cervicogenic headaches

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Special Physio Tape On Woman's Back

John has a strong foundation in Physiotherapy and Exercise rehabilitation having completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy (Macquarie University) and a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science (WSU). Having a strong drive towards professional development, he has completed a number of courses including Mckenzie Method for treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Cervical Spine, WorkCover accreditation and Nonsurgical management of ACL injuries.

John has near a decade of experience working as a Physiotherapist in both private practice and with sporting teams. John was most recently the Head Physiotherapist (2018-2022) for the South Sydney Rabbitohs Junior Elite Pathways Program (SG Ball under 19s and Harrold Matthews Under 17s). John was also Physiotherapist for the South Sydney Rabbitohs NYC under 20s team from 2015-2017 and has gained experience with the NRL and Jersey Flegg/NSW cup squads during his tenure and the South Sydney Rabbitohs. In addition to his roles with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, John has also worked with the Blacktown Worker's Sea Eagles Ron Massey Cup Team as an onfield Physiotherapist.

John's experience as a physiotherapist within private practice and professional sporting teams has provided invaluable experience. This experience has allowed John to learn and understand the most effective management strategies and techniques to rehabilitate the a vast array of musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

Founder and Prinicpal Physiotherapist

John Hutchings

Physio Team

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How long will my appointment be?

Initial consultations are approximately 45 minutes and standard consultations are up to 30 minutes with the treating Physio.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Yes, private health funds vary in their coverage so to find out how much you will be covered and contact your fund about your rebate amount entitlements.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows ease of assessment and exposure of the site of injury. Spare shorts and draping is available in the clinic if required.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No, as a private paying patient, you do not need a referral to see our Physiotherapist. However, a referral is required if you are claiming through Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Third Party (CTP) or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

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